About Us

39 years have passed since the beginning of Tehran Sonboleh Company.We can boldly claim that our company is the first producer of cleanedand packaged beans and pulses(under the Tehran Sonboleh brand) in Iran.
For years, in addition to supplying cleaned and packaged beans to themarket, Tehran’s commercial sector has imported spices and exported Iranian fruit and vegetables to the countries of the Persian Gulf and Russia.
After a few years, we entered the semi-industrial dairy market to expand our business. After a while, with the expansion of fully industrial dairy production in order to improve the level of health, the activity of the semi-industrial dairy production line stopped and developed in front of the commercial sector.
Today, after 39 years of international trade, backed by experience and expertise in trade and with registered offices in Madagascar, South Korea and Russia and formal cooperation with trading partners in other countries; We have added investment, business and product consulting services to our services.
Also, in line with its goal and commitment to the final consumers of products, to provide quality goods at reasonable prices and eliminate intermediaries, products from Africa such as beans and pulses, peanuts, cocoa beans and coffee were included in T.S.O’s basket of imported products and fertilizers. Chemicals, livestock and poultry medicines,etc. were added to the export basket to Africa.
Our vision is to become an e-commerce brand, expand business cooperation with new companies and help develop Iran’s exports.
Our goal is to prioritize the export of quality Iranian products that have been neglected for any reason, either directly or in cooperation with business partners and the import and supply of the best goods at a reasonable price to the Iranian market. We contribute to the growth and success of our partners by sharing our experiences with international trade actors.
We hope we can in turn launch a new project in the Iranian business industry.